Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dear sugar lips..

Hey baby.. I haven't done this ina long ass time nd I dont know
why lol but I thought I'd do it right now cuz well your in class and I'm waiting patiently..
but right now things between us couldn't be any better, man I love this, but I am sorry for choosing marijuana over you, it wasn't worth it at all..
and I really apologize for that, nd I apologize for anything and everything I've done to hurt ot bother you, but you have been doin hella good at not trippin forreal and I'm glad.
But anyway I had Pizza Hut tonight, it was effin delicious lol not bragging or anything lol...
But I love you sweetheart so much you mean the friggin world to me! Nd I'm so glad to have you as my one and only baby <3
Gawd baby you make me so damn happy, happier than any other person or thing could make me.. mmm nd the last couple of times we hung out I had a hella good time (;
But you jus got outta class so ill text you ..
Bye baby
I love you, looove your girlfriend

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dear "My everything"..

Hey hun..
Today well today was a fuckin horrible day for multiple reasons.. I can't stand my school nd the people we got into a fight nd I almost letchu go... I can't believe this shit happened like I almost lost you again I can't do this I jus cant I hate the pain of this bs I hate us fighting, but I love us, I love being with you I love seeing you I love that your mine, I love that I'm yours I jus completely love you, but I don't know how ima make it thru our next fight I duno how ima make it thru life with out you, okay actually I wana say something.. It pissed me tf off when you asked me if you was single no that's fucked up, seemed like all you wanted to do was be single not that fact that we wasn't guna be together, first thing I thought was you wanted to get with another girl..... But oh well I'm over it, nd I hope we can make it passed this. But uhm I'm not ina good mood right now and I can't think straight.. Uhm Kbye..

I love you.. <3

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dear "My Love"

Hey Baby..
Uh I don't know what to say.. But I miss you so much nd like all we finish fight and I hate it so much it kills me.. Nd I don't ever know what to say to you anymore, I don't want to make you mad er anything.
If we seen each other more I really don't think that we would argue that much, I'm jus beyond tired of this bs I really am, but I can't j jus cant break up wit you cuz you make me some much more happier then anyone else ever could and like when I'm with you everything is beyond perfect, it's unbelievable how happy you make me, your my second half, your the only person that can complete me like this.. I'm sorry I've been a bitch, nd I'm sorry for everything baby, I truely am..
But anyway, I want to know what your guna get me for my birthday! Bleh, but I still don't want you to spend any money on me, the best thing you could possibly get/do for me is jus be there with me and spend time with me.. All I want is to see you and hold n kiss you, that's all I want more then anything right now. (:
This is extremely random, but I love the letter you wrote me is the thing that makes me smile big :D
I wish I could spend everyday with you, nd every second with you.. I wonder if we would get annoyed with each other? Hmm lol
You want this to be long, but I think this is as long as it's guna a get, cuz, I can't think of anything else to say, so yeah.. Maybe next time haha, but anyway uhh, bye bye love..

Have good day (:
I love you.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dear Baby..

Hey hun, I'm not guna put your shit out there but I wana know what happened, nd if your okay.. But uhm talk to me as soon you can.. I miss you. Uhm I had uh hella good night at the movies, I miss kissing you. /: I can't wait til I get to see you again [: nd I wana know what the fuck you mean by your jus guna "leave it be" Whatchu mean? Are you done with this or us or what, baby we need to figure these things out, ugh I hope you stay with me... I don't want to loose you and I want you to stay wit me for a long time.. I'm sorry for anything I've done, but I really haven't given you a reason to not trust me, or believe me, or getting those feelings like Im lying or whatever, I don't understand you feelings I've done nothing but show you I want to keep you, I'll do anything ta stay wit you Dakota..
Well anyway uhm I can't wait for the weekend we get to spend the whole weekend together [: I wana cuddle lol <3
But Ttyl sweet cheeks!

I love you to infinity and beyond and Bak like 4 times (:

Kbyee! <3

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dear Boyfriend..

Hey baby..
So last night we was on the phone for a long time [: I loved it, I miss those nights where we would stay on the phone allllll night and never run out of thing to talk bout, nd the conversations we had could go on for days, nd I love that even when we run out of things to talk bout we try n find other things to talk bout. Ohh Ohh nd your little giggle is so damn cute, it make me smile every time. No joke..
Ugh yesterday when was arguing was prolly one of the worst days ever.. Nd do you still think that things are not working out? /: I hope you realize that everything between us will be perfectly fine.. I'm still so shocked that you even said that, I liked died and started crying.. Anyway ^^ worst day ever. -_-
But I hope I get to see you this week, nd I really can't not wait at all for that weekend that we get to spend the whole weekend alone with you, it's guna be the best weekend ever! Oh nd baby I know you don't forreal smoke anymore, but we should that weekend [: ill even pay for it? But anyway you know that I love you with all my heart and I care bout you more the anything[:
Next time we hang out or when I feel up to it, Ima try my hardest to tell you how I really feel inside bout you, it may not be what you expected but ima try jus for you baby..<3
I can not wait to kiss you and hold you
I love you soooo Friggin much, nd I mean that!

Well goodnight Sugar Plum..
Love Yo' Girlfriend<3

P.s I love this teddy bear!
(but not more then I love you)

Ova n' Out

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dear Dakota..

Okay so lately we have been arguing and shit, nd I'm tired of it, I love you soooo much more than you think! I hate how we are arguing, and I'm sorry I always make you mad and I make dumb choices and im rude, I'm kinda shocked that you stay with me after all my bullshit and everything, I feel like I hurt you.. But it's not all my fault, tbh you trip to and you know you do, ugh but I hate being to far away from you! Why did you have to move.. This shit sucks.. And of course you move when my mom starts being cool bout this shit and us a d everything.
Oh and sorry i didn't make one of these yesterday I was busy pretty much the whole day.. Nd you know that but uhm I can't wait til I can see you and kiss you again.. I wana see you smile nd I want to hold you and never let go.. I can't wait til we spend a whole weekend together, we are guna have a blast [: but anyway uhm..
Bye baby
I love you to infinity and beyond and ALLL the way back! [:

Love your girlfriend
Brooklynn Tabytha-Nikole [;

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dear SugarPlum..

I love you so much baby, I apologize for all the things I've done wrong I really am.. I'm sorry to makin you mad or whatever tonight.. But I'm not guna do anything you don't want me to do.. I want to keep you in my life for a really long time..
Now you got me thinking that your guna break up with me ina couple weeks ugh. I can't believe you said that.. But it's whatever
If you think we are guna then oh well. But I don't think anything is guna happen to us.. I feel we are perfect cuz when we fight we make up nd oh.. I <3 this bear its so cute lol, I sleep with it all the time now [:
You better take care of my pillow baby lol.. Be nice to it hahaha
But I pretty much told you everything I needed to tonight. So ill talk to you tomorrow..

Good night sweet cheeks, dream of me [:

I love you more then life itself.

Love your girlfriend..
Ova n' out!